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  Triband Wifi 7 Triband Wifi 6E Dual Band WiFi 6
1G × Deco XE75

Deco XE75 (3-Pack)

Deco X55

Deco X55 (3 Pack)

2.5G × Deco XE75 Pro

Deco XE75 Pro (3 pack)

Deco X55 Pro

Deco X55 Pro (3 pack)

10G Deco BE85

Deco BE85 (2 pack)

Deco XE200

Deco XE200 (2 Pack)


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    Best for indoor use


    Best for outdoor use


    Power over Ethernet
    Best for areas without wall plug


    Best for homes with thick walls

A Solution for All Scenarios

Deco provides versatile solutions for all scenarios with integrated technologies like weatherproofing, PoE, and Powerline. All Deco generations work seamlessly together, ensuring maximum compatibility and flexibility.

Pioneer of Wi-Fi

The Deco Mesh System is at the forefront of innovation, offering the latest Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Systems that operate on the lightning-fast 6GHz band for faster speeds and greater bandwidth. All Deco units are engineered with compatibility as priority, seamlessly integrating with your current Deco mesh system regardless of generation.

AI Roaming & Benefit

Our algorithm uses location-based data to identify the optimal backhaul configuration, improving your home network's performance through beamforming, without requiring physical relocation.

Dynamic Backhaul

Deco’s dynamic backhaul combines both wireless and wired backhaul for faster and more reliable mesh networking, providing seamless Wi-Fi coverage and lightning-fast internet speeds throughout your space.

backhaul top

HomeShield offers users comprehensive security protection and creates a safer, more secure online environment for exploring the web.


    Network Protection

    To keep your privacy and connected devices secure, HomeShield actively detects potential cyber threats.


    Robust Parental Controls

    Promote healthy online habits for your family by managing online time and blocking inappropriate content.


    Quality of Service (QoS)

    Optimize your networking experience by prioritizing your bandwidth needs to ensure faster speeds.


    Comprehensive Reports

    Access comprehensive statistics and insights to gain a better understanding of your home network.