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What is Matter

Promoted by the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA), Matter is an industry-unifying, open-source connectivity standard that promises to enable seamless communication among IoT devices across platforms, regardless of manufacturers.

This upcoming protocol will alleviate the fragmentation of the smart home market to unify smart home ecosystems.

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work-with-google-home work-with--smartthings

More Compatibility, More Interoperability

Incompatibility between IoT devices has been complicating user experience in the smart home market. Now with Matter, certified devices from different brands can recognize each other and work together seamlessly across platforms. Using just one app to control all IoT devices is no longer a fantasy.

  • Before Matter

    Without Matter

  • With Matter Tapo & Kasa Devices Other Brands’ Devices

    With Matter

More Robust and Reliable Local Connections

All Matter-certified devices in your local area network (LAN) will work somoothly even when your home goes offline. Once configured, communication and control between Matter devices can be achieved directly on the local network.

Tapo & Kasa Devices Other Brands’ Devices

More Simplicity, More Ease

From detailed in-app instructions to the upcoming TSS (TP-Link Simple Setup) function, TP-Link has been committed to simplifying users' configuration and operating experience. With support for Matter, TP-Link intends to take users converience to new heights. Simply scan the provided QR code with your Matter-Compatible App and the Matter device will be automatically configured to your home network via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. Enjoy your smart home products with ease right out of the box!

  • Scan the QR code

    Scan the QR code

  • Automatically configuring

    Automatically configuring via BLE

  • Configuration completed!

    Configuration completed!

What TP-Link Offers

TP-Link further opens up the ecosystem to improve compatibility for users.


    First to Release

    TP-Link is one of the first companies to introduce Matter-certified products to market following the debut of the Matter protocol in Fall 2022.


    Smart App

    The Tapo and Kasa apps will upgrade to be Matter-compatible. Soon, our users can use the apps to control a variety of Matter-certified products, regardless of manufacturers.


    Smart Hub

    New Matter Control hubs are already on the way so that users can utilize the hubs to operate all Matter devices. Through the bridge function on the hubs, Tapo's new sensors will be able to work seamlessly with Matter devices.


1. Who supports Matter?

The Matter working group CSA now has over 300 members, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, SmartThings, and TP-Link. For a full list of members, please refer to the CSA official website.

2. What technology does Matter use?

Matter is an IPV6-based application protocol that runs on existing network technologies: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Thread. Matter-compatible devices use at least one of the aforementioned network protocols.